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Are silver sheets safe?

That traditional bedding is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria is a terrible fact. In only one week, our pillowcase contains over 3 million bacteria colonies, which is 17 thousand times more bacteria than our toilet seat. At this point, this is just something that we’ll have to accept and learn to live with. OR… We can buy antibacterial sheets that provide us with the peace of mind that we deserve. 

Traditional bedding more bacteria than toilet seat

Silver Ions is the magic ingredient that combats 99.99% of bacteria from the fabric, so you no longer must sleep in a bedding full of bacteria and dust mites, eating and pooping in your sheets. The natural benefit of silver is hard to ignore, it is truly the superhero of fabric as it not only combats bacteria that is causing your skin to breakout or flare up, but it also makes the fabric thermoregulating so you can save yourself from night sweats. Derme Home has partnered up with numerous dermatologists and estheticians in the US and Canada and reported great results with acne-prone and rosacea clients. However, even if you are not suffering from sensitive skin, sleeping in antibacterial bedding is beneficial for all skin types – providing an odor-free and bacteria-free surface.

Are silver sheets safe?

Silver has been used for centuries in medicine in terms of tools and even for wound healing purposes. Hospital beds have been utilizing silver ions in their bedding, making it an ideal environment for patients as many patients are sharing the same bed.

A study conducted in 1893, named the “Oligodynamic effect”, studied various metals and tested their antibacterial properties and effectiveness against bacteria. Out of all the metals included in the study, silver was the metal proven to be most effective for its antibacterial properties with the least amount of toxicity to all animal cells. Silver Ions pose no harmful risk to humans, nor does it have any negative long-term concerns. However, if you feel concerned regarding the safety of silver sheets, always consult with your primary healthcare provider.

Although silver is safe for humans in terms of fabrics (ingesting colloidal silver is a whole other topic), if the silver ions are “infused” or “dyed” into the fabrics, this will have negative side effects on the environment. Dyed silver ions will eventually leak out into the environment and disrupt the ecosystem. This is the reason why purchasing the right silver fabric is so important. Only look for fabrics where the silver is either bonded into the fibers of the fabric or simply threaded into the fabrics. But that is a whole other blog post you can read about here. If you don’t purchase your antibacterial silver sheets from Derme Home, please ensure that your silver sheets are not infused or dyed – to get permanent benefits for the lifetime of the product.

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