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Buy One Plant One: Derme Home's Environmental Efforts

We at Derme Home practice transparent and ethical sourcing of raw materials, environmentally-friendly practices in manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. We recognize and prioritize our environment above faster and more affordable production.

The Product

Our plant-based fabrics are made from 100% Organic Bamboo derived from pure bamboo pulp, a renewable plant source. No toxic or harmful chemicals are utilized for production. The silver ions are bonded into our bamboo fibers on a molecular level for permanent results. As a result, our silver does not get washed away in the washer or, more importantly, harms our environment like standard silver dye/treatment would do.

The Packaging

Our packaging is created from leftover fabrics. Instead of adding additional materials, we use the cut-off pieces instead and create a package perfectly suitable for your desired products.

We have replaced standard paper tags for recycled, handmade seed papers that can be planted back into the soil and beautifully grow in your home or nature. 


The Efforts

For every sold item from our sage-green collection, Derme Home will plant one tree somewhere around the world. Currently, we have established a collaboration with a company based in Northern Sweden in which our global movement will take root.


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