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Our Story

Women and veteran owned small business

The short 

Derme Home is a sustainable startup based in South Florida. Veteran, women, and family-owned and operated by the founders Josefine and Fredy Mendez. We solved the problem of dirty bedding contributing to acne, poor sleep, and odors in an eco-friendly manner. By providing 100% organic bamboo bedding bonded with silver ions, we support skin health and the overall quality of life while giving back to our global community. Our vision is to provide the most beneficial bedding to the market with the consciousness of Mother Earth. Derme Home wants to lead by example with the hopes of inspiring not only our consumers but also fellow businesses to live and breathe more green. 

The long

Derme Home was born in the middle of the pandemic; it is our "pandemic baby." With stress levels going up, mask-mandate implemented, and sanitation being the number one priority, many people, including ourselves, experienced "mascne," acne, "bacne," and other skin-related diminishes. Months of research and fabric samples later, we finally created the perfect material, clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the fabric surface. Within two weeks, the results were significant. Our skin has never been healthier, and the fabric has genuinely been a life-changing factor in our lives.

The best part? Our solution is permanent. To us, it was imperative not to use any "dye-treatment" for our silver ions. The antibacterial benefits of our silver ions will remain effective throughout the product's lifetime, not being washed away or leaking into the environment. 

Derme Home is only the beginning of our global movement towards a cleaner planet. In 2020, we ventured out to Uganda, Africa, which inspired our vision further towards environmentally friendly solutions. Upon the growth of Derme Home, we are hoping to gain the resources needed in order to bring our additional projects to life, solving the problem of single-use plastic being one of them and supporting our local community of rural women in Uganda, even further.

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