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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Silver Fabrics

Have you just discovered the unbelievable benefits of Silver bedding? Excited to break up with your bedroom breakouts? Welcome to the family - we have enjoyed better skin, hair, and confidence for years. Before you make your first "skin-vestment", please keep this article in mind, even if you do not end up shopping from us.

 Who are we? Derme Home, we are third-party certified by the world’s leading testing and inspection company. Lab tested and clinically proven to reduce bacteria-caused acne, such as P. Acnes, Staph, E.coli, etc, with a successful reduction rate of 99.99%>. While these facts are great news for you (and your skin), we’d like to take the opportunity to emphasize the importance of how the silver is incorporated into your fabric of choice. Unfortunately, all bedding made with pure silver is not sustainable or permanent.

Derme Home 5 star reviewBut first, the history.

Silver is a powerful weapon against bacteria, and has been well-documented and used for centuries due to its antimicrobial properties. Surgical tools in the medical field have been coated with silver nanoparticles to combat bacteria, fungi, and infections. Another common use of silver has been established in wound care and topical treatments. Now that we have covered the common practices of silver, and thereby emphasized its safety and reliability, let's move on and uncover what is it that makes silver so beneficial. And how does the “magic” in fact work?

1. Silver ions (Ag+) will bind to the bacterial cell wall and block the transport of substances in and out of the cell. 

2. The Silver ions will further transport into the bacterial cell where they will once again block (but the time the respiratory system) and destroy the energy production.

3. The Silver ions will interact with the DNA inside the bacterial cell, and inhibit the bacterial cell division - and thereby stopping the replication. 


Methods of incorporating Silver.

As we get a good grasp of how the silver is blocking the respiratory system and destroying the energy production of the cell (ie. combats bacteria), we can dive deeper into the method of incorporating silver into the fabric as this will make a significant difference in your overall satisfaction with your choice of bedding. 

Antibacterial bedding VS traditional bedding

Method number 1: Bonded

This method is supported and used by Derme Home. It is the process of utilizing high-purity silver and permanently bonding to the fibers of the fabric of choice. At Derme Home, we bond our pure silver into our natural bamboo fibers, but this can be done to other natural and man-made fabrics as well such as (Cotton, wool, linen, etc).

This method is extremely durable and provides a permanent solution. The silver won't fade away as you wash your fabrics, nor will the benefits. It is engineered to provide optimum benefits for the lifetime of the product, and offer an eco-friendly alternative. 

Method number 2: Threaded

This method is straightforward, the silver is in the shape of threads and is simply threaded into the fabric, and mixed in with the other fabric of choice. And no, this will not make the fabric any "harder" than any of the other methods available, we know because we considered this method for our fabric and have slept on at least 10 samples. Although we ended up utilizing method number 1, this method is also eco-friendly and offers a permanent solution. 

Method number 3: Infused

If you will take away anything from this article, please let it be this. As with any other dye on the market, it is not permanent and it will fade. Similar to this method where the silver is "infused" (AKA Dyed) into the fabric. Research reports that within 10 washes, there is a reduction rate visible in the percentage of silver. This is bad news for two reasons. 1) The silver ends up bleeding into the environment from your washing machine, interrupting and harming our ecosystem. 2) the benefits from silver get washed away too, so you won't get value for your money and eventually your bedding will end up full of bacteria like any other traditional bedding. 


We hope you find this information valuable, and if you are making the move over to the clean-bedding family, that you will keep these different methods in mind. 

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