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Plant-based bedding designed for clear skin

Reimagine your skincare with your new best-kept beauty secret, Derme Home, clinically proven to reduce 99.9% of bacteria-caused acne and topical skincare concerns.

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Plant-based bedding designed for clear skin

Reimagine your skincare with your new best-kept beauty secret, Derme Home, clinically proven to reduce 99.9% of bacteria-caused acne and topical skincare concerns.

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Skincare products last for a few weeks

Beauty sleep last forever

Acne fighting bedsheets by Derme Home - Designed with your skin in mind

Silver Ions (Ag+)

Bamboo 100% organic vegan plant-based bedding

100% Organic Bamboo

Organic sateen weave bedsheets pure white

Sateen Weave


Licensed aesthetician @ranzbeauty

“I started to be consistent with my skincare and finally had the right products for my skin. I also changed my lifestyle habits like changing my pillowcase to an antibacterial one from Derme Home"...


Latanya G 

I purchased these sheets and the duvet cover in color pearl two months ago. I used them both last night for the first time. Wow, I absolutely love this sheet set and the duvet. These sheets are so smooth, silky and feel so luxurious on my skin.

Also, I usually sweat a lot at night I did not sweat the entire night, the sheets kept me cool. The King size duvet is the best I’ve ever purchased. was so easy to slip over my existing comforter without any hassle at all. This is entire set is pure luxury, the look of it and feel. I will be purchasing another set in the other color. Thank you for creating such a great quality products.

Verified customer review 05/23

Ia Y

I think I just found the holy grail of bedding! Where have bamboo and silver sheets been all my life? This is best sleep we’ve ever had. Who knew the right bedding materials would make such a difference.

My husband told me this is the best investment I’ve ever made lol. We literally do not want to get out of bed because it’s super cozy. I work in the mattress industry and now I’m questioning if it’s the mattress or the sheets that makes the difference. Upgrade your bedding ASAP with Derme Home - you won't regret it!

Verified customer review 05/23

Julia A

I purchased two sets of the Derme sheets, one set for my master bedroom and one set for a spare bedroom. I must say that I love love love these sheets. I run hot at times at night but these sheets keep me nice and cool. They are so soft and feel so silky on my skin. I will be purchasing more sets for my bedrooms. Amazing sheets!!

Verified customer review 05/23

Alex E

Usually I don't really invest in bed sheets, but after my wife and I stayed at a friend's guest house. We had to know right away where their bed sheets were purchased.

Derme Home now has our favorite bed set sheets! You can really dive in these sheets and feel refreshing, rewarding quality. I definitely recommend anyone to buy their products, truly get that return of investment here. In addition, customer service is great!

Verified customer review 04/23

Gabriella M

So very satisfied with my derme bedding. Used it for a week now and it both feels comfortable and looks stylish (a must for my white-beige-home).

Better than hotel sheets. Shipping abroad was very convenient, too. Would definitely recommend and buy again!

Verified customer review 04/23

Caroline N

Amazing customer service, helping me out with sizing and shipping issues immediately, and the bed sheets are above and beyond! Silky smooth, the softest sheets I’ve ever had.

I haven’t tried them long enough to say anything definitive about skin improvements but I do believe my sensitive skin has calmed down a bit since I started using it. Will buy more!

Verified customer review 03/23

Hannah H

Wow these are the best sheets I have ever owned. Aside from the silver bacteria protection, they are silky smooth and washes well with out shrinkage or crinkles. They fit my full size bed perfectly and generously.

Save a tree as this is clean organic bamboo. What is not to love. Worth every penny and this is an independent company. Good to support. I am not related to this company even though it sounds like I am.

Verified customer review 03/23


By far the most comfortable sleeping experience I’ve ever had! I ordered the sage green sheets and they arrived in luxurious style and gorgeous color.

The first night I had them on my bed I was thrilled to have made the purchase. Since, every night has been absolutely wonderful. The bamboo makes them breathable and the silver gives them a comforting level of hygienic consideration.

These sheets look great, feel great and have a wonderful weight that really reflects their quality. Thank you so much for a wonderful product! It is like a dream come true.

Verified customer review 03/23

Ranz B


Iswitch my whole bedsheets to Derme Home and it was the best decision! They are so soft and so cool. You will literally sleep like a baby! If you haven’t gotten these yet you are missing out!

Verified customer review 03/23


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Bacteria caused acne from dirty bedding - dust-mites and waste

The Poo... Problem

Your bedding is the ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, and viruses to multiply. Fueling allergies, illnesses and breakouts in your bed. The average pillowcase contains 350,000 potential live bacteria colonies. A typical bed can contain tens of thousands of dust mites. One dust mite produces 20 waste droppings each day, (yes, poop) 

The Solution

Derme Home's antibacterial fabric shields your sleep and your skin from bacteria and dust mites. See incubated results (Derme Home VS. Cotton) after 3 days. 

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Clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the fabric surface - silver ions and bamboo fibers
Zero waste - Reusable and eco-friendly packaging
Reusable packaging - zero plastic - environmental friendly

Reusable packaging

We save our leftover fabrics from production and create our packaging with the cut-off pieces. As a result, you, our valued customer, can reuse your bag on numerous occasions.

Buy one plant one tree - our environmental  effort

 Buy one, Plant one

When you purchase an item from our "Lively" (Sage-green) collection, you will also contribute to the planet by planting one happy tree. 

less laundry required - bedding stays freshly washed

Less laundry 

Derme Home stays freshly washed three times longer than standard bedding. Savings on your utility bill and our planet. It's a win-win.

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