Plant-based bedding designed for clear skin

Reimagine your skincare with your new best-kept beauty secret, Derme Home, clinically proven to reduce 99.9% of bacteria-caused acne and topical skincare concerns.


Plant-based bedding designed for clear skin

Reimagine your skincare with your new best-kept beauty secret, Derme Home, clinically proven to reduce 99.9% of bacteria-caused acne and topical skincare concerns.

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Skincare products last for a few weeks

Beauty sleep last forever

Acne fighting bedsheets by Derme Home - Designed with your skin in mind

Natural Silver Ions (Ag+)

Bamboo 100% organic vegan plant-based bedding

100% Organic Bamboo

Organic sateen weave bedsheets pure white

300TC Sateen Weave


Licensed aesthetician @ranzbeauty

“I started to be consistent with my skincare and finally had the right products for my skin. I also changed my lifestyle habits like changing my pillowcase to an antibacterial one from Derme Home"...


Thank you so much for your review!

Andrew said he stopped breaking out as much on his head. We are happy sleepers here!!!! I can't wait for you guys to release more colors. I'm a DERME Sheet girl forever



AMAZING customer service!! And the sheets that I bought were heaven sent!! It feels like I’m sleeping on cold, clean, sheets made out of clouds. Definitely recommending this brand to all of my family!!!!



i love my new Derme Home bedding! it’s super soft & comfortable & my skin is looking flawless! <3



I absolutely love my sheets. They are super cozy and cool (temperature) to touch. I love that they will help to decrease acne and fine lines and wrinkles and hair breakage. I highly recommend them!



Great customer service and communication, along with a unique product offering. Never seen bamboo fabric bonded in silver. Love the sage colour option!



We’re in love with our duvet cover from Derme Home! It’s so soft even our doggo is obsessed 😍




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Clinically proven acne-fighting bedding dermatology recommended for acne-prone skin

About you

You have a 6-step nightly skincare routine, spending hundreds of dollars on expensive supplements and treatments. Yet, you still wake up with a new breakout the following morning... We get it, I have been there as well. Don't worry, that's why we are here. We believe that a fabulous skin care routine starts before the products. Derme Home's bedding help stop bacteria linked to acne and topical skin concerns. Because preventing the breakouts instead of treating them - is much better. 

About our pricing

You may have noticed our attainable pricing. After all, Derme Homes luxury bedding is crafted with organic bamboo and pure silver (Fancy, we know). So you may wonder, how is this possible? Simple. We have cut out the middleman, focusing strictly on our favorite part - you! By directly selling to our customers, we can provide luxury, premium bedding at dramatically reduced prices. Our goal is to offer bedding that is improving skin health, at a price you won't have to lose sleep over. 

Premium bedding at reduced prices - luxury organic bamboo bedding
Bacteria caused acne from dirty bedding - dust-mites and waste

The Poo... Problem

Your bedding is the ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, and viruses to multiply. Fueling allergies, illnesses and breakouts in your bed. The average pillowcase contains 350,000 potential live bacteria colonies. A typical bed can contain tens of thousands of dust mites. One dust mite produces 20 waste droppings each day, (yes, poop) 

The Solution

Derme Home's antibacterial fabric shields your sleep and your skin from bacteria and dust mites. See incubated results (Derme Home VS. Cotton) after 3 days. 

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Clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the fabric surface - silver ions and bamboo fibers
Zero waste - Reusable and eco-friendly packaging
Reusable packaging - zero plastic - environmental friendly

Reusable packaging

We save our leftover fabrics from production and create our packaging with the cut-off pieces. As a result, you, our valued customer, can reuse your bag on numerous occasions.

Buy one plant one tree - our environmental  effort

 Buy one, Plant one

When you purchase an item from our "Lively" (Sage-green) collection, you will also contribute to the planet by planting one happy tree. 

less laundry required - bedding stays freshly washed

Less laundry 

Derme Home stays freshly washed three times longer than standard bedding. Savings on your utility bill and our planet. It's a win-win.

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